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Note: You may fill in or choose just one field, but the purpose of this complex search is to give the musical specialists the opportunity to chose SIMULTANEOUSLY among several available music criteria from the database. Despite the 4 empty fields for free text and the several possibilities to mark your choice with a tick ("V", "."), there are also 9 scroll-down fields. Through them you may define different characteristics of the music event. Three of them allow a multiple-criteria choice. After having determined your wish in the left field, look to the right and, if there is an (initially) empty !! window please, press the respective button between the fields with the ">" sign on it; your choice appears also to the right. In this way, all information that you have chosen to the left will be saved and added to your complex search. According to the above description you can mark in each menu, beside which there is an empty window, one or more characteristics, which will appear to the right. By means of the buttons "<" you can cancel some or all of the chosen lines (criteria) appearing in the windows to the right; in this way you may specify or edit the already chosen search characteristics. After you have filled in everything according to your wish, please press the SEARCH button (at the bottom).


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music event music piece
Type of music making
author/player city
acoustic environment
hall (place)
genre or kind of music
Within the framework of
premiere organizer or producer
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